Immunity Cage: The Immunity Series (Book 1) by L.M. Spilsbury

Welcome to my site! You’ve arrived at the home of science fiction and fantasy author L.M. Spilsbury. My books explore societies under pressure, individuals facing difficult choices, and the many faces of love.


My first book, Survivor: The GMH Project (Book 1), was released in April 2018. After extensive re-writing, it will be re-issued shortly under two titles:

Immunity Cage

Immunity Cage: Modified Humans Series (Book 1) covers important back story. Look for it on October 3. 

Immunity Bond: Modified Humans Series (Book 2) Immunity Bond covers the main story of Survivor with additional exciting plot twists. It will be out in the early part of next year.

Immunity Flight

Immunity Flight: Modified Humans Series (Book 3), will be available later next year.

The first book of a science fantasy series, working title New Blood: The Vampyre’s Household (Book 1) will be released after the first three books of the Modified Humans series.

If you’re a fan of character-driven stories set in possible futures or alternate pasts, I hope you’ll enjoy my books.

In addition to science fiction and fantasy, I produce short pieces about horses. Click here to visit my Horse Lover blog.