Picture of science fiction author Louise Spilsbury

About Louise Spilsbury

Hi! My name is Louise Spilsbury. When I was five years old, I had a vision of the future. It left me knowing two things: one day, I would write a book, and I would own a horse.

I didn’t realize the training for my writing career had already begun. Born into an armed forces family in Prince Edward Island, Canada, I spent my childhood living throughout Canada and Europe. This exposed me to people of different cultures, backgrounds and languages. As a future writer, I learned to appreciate the impact of landscape and history on individuals and societies.

When I was fifteen years old, a friend gave me a copy of “Warlock of the Witch World” by Andre Norton. This marked the beginning of my lifelong love affair with science fiction and fantasy.

In university, I studied agricultural science. I spent my career working in analytical laboratories. As a mature student, I completed a graduate degree in veterinary pharmacology while maintaining my job at the lab. All of this gave me a deep understanding of the real-life workings of science. I spent my free time learning to write and to ride (remember the horse?). Inspired by Andre Norton, and later by C.J. Cherryh and Lois McMaster Bujold, I wrote science fiction and fantasy stories. I took creative writing courses. I was one of the original members of the Ink Blots, a Toronto-based writers’ group whose members have included novelists Marian Hughes, S.M. Stirling and Alison Baird, and fanfic writer Terri Neal.

Eventually, I was able to leave my laboratory career and focus on my first love, converting my “big feelings” into fiction. My first novel, “Survivor: The GMH Project, Book 1”, is coming out in April. “Sundered: The GMH Project, Book 2” will be finished later this year.

I live near Toronto, Canada, with my husband, two dogs, parrots, and a horse named Larry that I ride every day.