My author’s blog: when nothing much seems to be happening

My author’s blog has been quiet for a while. Maybe it looks like I’m not writing. My last post was about writer’s block, after all. The thing is, writing a blog about writing isn’t the easiest thing when you only have one novel to your name, and you don’t have any credentials on the “how-to” [...]

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Writer’s Block – Oh No!

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash Being a pantster, I was sure that writer’s block would never happen. Writing by the seat of my pants, I just let my characters grab the reins and take me along for the ride. I didn't have to worry about Plotting, which was a relief; I’ve always [...]

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Adventures of a newbie author: Ad Astra

In July, I attended Ad Astra 2018. Now in its 36th year, Ad Astra is the longest-running scifi-fantasy convention in Ontario, the Canadian province where I live. The venue turned out to be a mere couple of hours’ drive from my home. With a “focus on authors and other creative professionals”, Ad Astra [...]

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Visual: things that blow my hair back

This month, I thought I’d go for a more visual post. Topic: things that blow my hair back. Horses Lancer: As soon as I graduated from university and landed a job, I bought Lancer. When I told my mother, her reaction was a despairing, “Oh Louise!” Fortunately, she came to realize that you can’t stand [...]

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Cows, Ebola, and other bits of inspiration

My working career was one where standard operating procedures ruled, and reliance on inspiration wasn’t part of the picture. It seems odd, then, that the writing of my first novel, Survivor, relied almost solely on inspiration. Often, I didn’t know what my characters were going to do from one sentence to the next. Somehow, though, [...]

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Self-publishing my first book

One week ago, I took a deep breath and pressed the 'publish' button on my computer screen. With that, my first book, ‘Survivor’, was launched into the world. Within hours, it was for sale as an e-book on the Kobo and Kindle websites. I had entered the world of self-publishing. Those of you who’ve never [...]

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Launching my writing career

My writing career It’s finally happening! After a lifetime of preparation, I’m launching my writing career! Writing for myself and my writers’ group isn’t the same as a writing career. A writing career makes it official. A writing career means I’m putting my work out there for the whole world to see. The skills [...]

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