'Survivor' book cover

Survivor: The GMH Project (Book 1)

Two centuries from now, the Water Wars and subsequent pandemics have ravaged the populations of Earth. At great cost, gen-tech companies like Heredis Corporation have created Genetically Modified Humans – GMH – to use as tools in humanity’s battle for survival.

Jian is a Heredis GMH and the company’s most successful Immunity Specialist. His immune system allows him to survive horrific diseases, and to create enhanced immunity cells which can save others as well. But it also makes him an especially rare and valuable asset to those who created him. They control every aspect of his life, including the partners in his Triad, two people he has been conditioned to depend on for grounding, survival and love. As Jian struggles to escape his conditioning and virtual slavery, the Corporation moves to enmesh him further, using everyone close to him as pawns in their game.

But Heredis is unaware that Jian has another unique gift, one that gives him an edge which even he doesn’t immediately recognize…

Sundered: The GMH Project (Book 2)

Liss is a Genetically Modified Human who grew up leading the life of a normal person. It wasn’t her plan to have that life hijacked by Heredis, the gen-tech company that created her. It certainly wasn’t her plan to be brainwashed into falling in love with two other GMHs: Jian, the Immunity Specialist with a troubled past and an eerie ability to sense energy fields, and Aundri, a naïve eighteen-year-old who’s been the target of more than one abduction attempt.

Like it or not, she is now part of a GMH Triad that’s scheduled to travel halfway across the galaxy to a colony world where Jian will be exposed to a deadly recombinant disease. In the days before their departure, the Three are swept into the turmoil of a city in rebellion. As Liss struggles to reclaim her individuality, she must decide whether to stand with Jian and Aundri against the forces that threaten to crack their Triad apart.

Sundered: The GMH Project Book 2